âœI would want to stress lessâ says birthday girl Katrina Kaif


As Katrina Kaif celebrates her birthday today, the queen bee in an interview with a leading daily talked about what her birthday and what are the things that she would want to change about herself.


When asked about one thing she would want to do before turning 35 this year, she said “I don’t even know what I’m going to do the day after tomorrow. I don’t plan that far. But if you ask me what I wish to do, I would say I want to concentrate on my work, get happiness through it, to get some more grounding in life and to be at ease. So, good health, happiness and fulfillment,” Katrina said.


She continued when ask what one thing she would want to change about herself, “Probably the amount I stress. I would want to stress less.”


When Katrina was questioned about her birthday plans, the actress concluded saying, “Birthdays have been very different for me. Last three years have been emotionally and radically different. But this year things have changed. Hence I am ready to accept whatever it is.”

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